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50Hz Gas Generator Set

Caterpillar is your comprehensive gas solution partner. Whether it is mechanical systems such as the gas fuel transmission department and the thermal recovery system, or the exhaust gas post -processing system that meets the most stringent discharge requirements in the world, the CAT Gas Solutions engineer will cooperate with your local CAT agent to provide one comprehensive supply scope. Caterpillar can also provide main controllers and parallel opening cabinets, electrical power distribution cabinets, and non-interrupt power (UPS) such as UL or IEC.

Caterpillar gas generator sets can use your rich gas sources as fuel, suitable for customization of fuel such as natural gas and biogas, and are committed to raising rates, reducing the cost of life cycle and compliance with most of the world’s emission regulations. The crew has customized options, which are easy to choose, obtain permission and installation. The new engine technology provides electricity, thermal or thermal power connection with power efficiency and thermal efficiency.

Advantages of Gas Generator Set

1.It has outstanding normal operation time and maintenance convenience; it can provide diverse thermal energy; the flexibility of fuel and the environmental adaptability.

2.The G3500B series is a CAT gas generator set that introduces a number of advanced technologies; strong adaptability, can process gas as low as 60mn of CAT methane value, and recently achieved the operation of lower methane gas (such as propane) The crew implements a thin -burning gas generator set, which is widely used in full -mobile and container -based power stations.

3.The specially processed rear cold device core, cylinder head and rear gear system bearings can effectively resist the corrosion of biological gas; due to the special control architecture, the version of the C -series generator set mode is used to achieve effective operation independent of public power grids Provides the choice of industry; special projects, Caterpillar is investing in research and development of projects related to the use of special fuels (such as synthetic gas, blast furnace gas, coke furnace gas, and ultra -low concentration methane coal).

Find Caterpillar 50Hz Gas Generator Set by Series

This is the list of all series of Caterpillar Gas Generator Set.
Click here to find Caterpillar Gas Generator Set by type (Fuel System & Engine Speed).

CG132B | 400-1000 ekW

CG170 | 1200-2000 ekW

CG260 | 3000-4000 ekW

G3512E | 900-1200 ekW

G3512H | 1400-1500 ekW

G3516H | 1900-2000 ekW

G3520H | 2300-2500 ekW


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