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Caterpillar CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set is a V-08-Cylinders 17.5 L iter Displacement Engine with 170.0 mm Bore and 195.0 mm Stroke.

Equipped with Dual Caterpillar® A3 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) LH with Electronic Unit Injector Fuel System Rigid Wiring Harness and ADEM™ A5 Governor.The Prime Power for 50 Hz Generator Set (1500 RPM) of CAT CAT CG170-16 Diesel Generator Sets is 725 kVA (850 kW) and a Standby Power of 810 kVA (648 kW).

CAT CG170-16 Diesel Genset Powered by CAT Diesel Engine with EMCP 4 Control Panel, Diesel Genset with Turbocharged-Aftercooled.

CAT Diesel Generator Sets Meet Tier III/Tier IV Emission Standards. As Part of EMAC, CAT Diesel Generator Sets Also Provide 50 Hz and 60 Hz Diesel Generator Sets. Engine Brands Include Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, MTU, WeiChai and CAT.

Our Diesel Generator Set Series Includes High Power Medium and High Voltage Generator Sets and High Power Low Voltage Generator Sets. The Engine Provides Electronically Controlled and Mechanical Fuel Injection Systems for Customers to Choose. In Addition to Generating Diesel Generator Sets, We Can Also Supply Marine Diesel, Oil, Gas, Marine Generator Sets.

We Provide Full Life Cycle Services for All Customers, From Design to Power System Supply, From Installation to Commissioning, From After-Sales Service Training to Spare Parts Supply, From Troubleshooting to Overhaul Technical Support.

Advantages of Caterpillar CG170-16 Gas GenSet

  • Engine Design : Proven reliability and durability, Ability to burn a wide spectrum of gaseous fuels, Robust diesel strength design prolongs life and lowers owning and operating costs, Broad operating speed range.

  • Advanced Digital Engine Management : ADEM A3 control system providing integrated ignition, speed governing, protection, and controls, including detonation-sensitive variable ignition timing. ADEM A3 has improved: user interface, display system, shutdown controls, and system diagnostics.

  • Lean Burn Engine Technology : Lean-burn engines operate with large amounts of excess air. The excess air absorbs heat during combustion reducing the combustion temperature and pressure, greatly reducing levels of NOx. Lean-burn design also provides longer component life and excellent fuel consumption.

  • Ease of Operation : Side covers on block allow for inspection of internal components.

  • Full Range of Attachments : Large variety of factory-installed engine attachments reduces packaging time.

  • Testing : Every engine is full-load tested to ensure proper engine performance.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

Engine Model: CG170-16
Engine Type: V-16 Cylinders
Displacement: 71 L
Rated Speed: 2000 RPM
Aspiration Method: Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Emission Standard: N/A
Bore*Storke: 170 mm * 195 mm
Packing Size(L*W*H): 6640 mm * 1778 mm * 2210 mm
Wet Weight: 12600 Kg
Lead Time: 15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C

Engine Model

Maximum Power Efficiency

Maximum Continuous Power Rating

Standard Gas

CG170-12 43.40% 1200 ekW @ 1.0pf Natural Gas, MN = 80
CG170-16 43.30% 1560 ekW @ 1.0pf Natural Gas, MN =80
CG170-20 43.70% 2000 ekW @ 1.0pf Natural Gas, MN = 80

Genset Information of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

Engine Model CG170-16 Speed 1500 1/min
Configuration / Number of Cylinders V / 16 Engine-Management-System TEM EVO
Bore / Stroke / Displacement 170 mm  / 195 mm  / 71 dm3 Generator Marelli MJB 500 MC4
Compression Ratio 13.5:0 Voltage / Voltage Range / Cos Phi 400 V / ±5 % / 1
Mean Piston Speed 9.8 m/s Frequency 50 Hz
Mean Lube Oil Consumption at Full Load 0.2 g/kWh Length / Width / Height 6640 mm / 1778 mm / 2210 mm
Comb. Air Temperature / Rel. Humidity 25 °C / 60 % Methane Number 80
Altitude 100 m Lower Calorific Value 10.19 kWh/Nm3
Exhaust Temp. After Heat Exchanger 120 °C Gas Density 0.80 kg/Nm3
NOx Emission (Tolerance – 8%) 500 mg/Nm³ @ 5%O2 Standard Gas Natural Gas, MN = 80
Aspiration TA

Energy Balance Information of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

Load (%) 100 75 50 Load (%) 100 75 50
Electrical Power COP Acc. ISO 8528-1 (kW) 1560 1170 780 Exhaust Mass Flow, Wet (kg/h) 8503 6436 4422
Engine Jacket Water Heat (kW ±8%) 772 588 426 Combustion Mass Air Flow (kg/h) 8223 6219 4270
Intercooler LT Heat (kW ±8%) 133 93 54 Radiation Heat Engine / Generator (kW ±8%) 54 / 42 52 / 33 41 / 27
Lube Oil Heat (kW ±8%) N/A N/A N/A Fuel Consumption (kW+5%) 3600 2772 1946
Exhaust Heat With Temp. After Heat Exchanger (kW ±8%) 804 658 496 Electrical / Thermal Efficiency (%) 43.3 / 43.8 42.2 / 45.0 40.1 / 47.4
Exhaust Temperature (°C ±25°C) 430 454 484 Total Efficiency (%) 87.1 87.2 87.5

System Parameters Information of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

Ventilation Air Flow (Comb. Air Incl.) With ΔT = 15K 39200 kg/h Pre-Pressure Gas Control Unit Selectable From / To 0.5 bar / 10 bar
Combustion Air Temperature Minimum / Design 20 °C / 25 °C Starter Battery 24V, Capacity Required 430 Ah
Exhaust Back Pressure From / To 30 mbar / 50 mbar Starter Motor 15 kWel. / 24 VDC
Maximum Pressure Loss in Front of Air Cleaner 5 mbar Lube Oil Content Engine / Base Frame 265 dm3 / N/A
Zero-Pressure Gas Control Unit Selectable From / To 20 mbar / 200 mbar Dry Weight Engine / Genset 6090 kg  / 12600 kg

Cooling system Information of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

Glycol Content Engine Jacket Water / Intercooler 0 / 35 Vol. Intercooler Coolant Temperature In / Out 40 °C / 44 °C
Water Volume Engine Jacket / Intercooler 151 dm3 / 20 dm3 Engine Jacket Water Flow Rate From / To 50 m3/h / 65 m3/h
KVS / Cv Value Engine Jacket Water / Intercooler 46 m3/h / 30 m3/h Water Flow Rate Engine Jacket Water / Intercooler 53 m3/h / 35 m3/h
Jacket Water Coolant Temperature In / Out 80 °C / 93 °C Water Pressure Loss Engine Jacket Water / Intercooler 1.3 bar / 1.4 bar

Frequency  of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

Octave Band Centre Frequency
Engine Noise Level 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 Sum Level (Distance 1 Meter)
Exhaust Noise [dB(lin)] 117 127 118 116 113 112 110 103 120 dB(A)  (±2.5 dB(A))
Air-Borne Noise [dB(lin)] 94 96 99 100 102 100 107 104 111 dB(A)  (±1.0 dB(A))

Performance Overview of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

High Efficiency 1. Products With Similar Output Grades Are Most Efficient Lower installation,Construction 1. Oil Consumption Is Less Than 0.1G/Kw
2. Electrical Efficiency Increased By 42.5% 2. Compared With Similar Models, Lubricant Consumption Is Reduced By 66%
3. The Vibration And Stress Of The Components Are Reduced 3. Longer Lubricant Change Cycle (Up To 4000h) And Oil Change Cycle
Floor Space 1. CG Takes Up Less Space System Control 1. Cat Total Electronic Management System
2. Low Installation Cost 2. Realize The Overall System Monitoring
lubrication Oil Consumption 1. Compact Design With Integrated Fuel Tank Higher Availability 1. Use of Pre-Ignition Spark Plug to Achieve Particle – Free Combustion
2. Meet Daily Filling Requirements 2. Extending The Maintenance Period
3. Lower Installation Costs 3. Improve Work Efficiency
4. Long Maintenance Cycle (Up To 80,000 Hours) 4. Extend The Annual Operating Time
5. Optimized Oil Management
6. Investment Costs Are Reduced Through Expanded Product Range And TPEM Digital Control Systems

Standard of CAT CG170-16 Gas Generator Set

Inlet Air 1. Single Filter Element Single Stage Air Cleaner With Housing And Maintenance Indicator Start/Charge 1. 24V Starter Motor
2. Turbochargers, All Cylinders Are Equipped With Water-Cooled Bearing Boxes 2. Battery Break Switch
Exhaust 1. Enclosed Crankcase Ventilation System Fuel System 1. Individually Controlled Cylinder Monitoring And Ignition System
2. Pearl/ Low Resistance Exhaust System 2. Electronic Fuel Metering Valve
3. Precombustion Chamber Spark Plug
Control Panel 1. Tpem (Whole-Plant Energy Management System) General 1. Crankshaft Shock Absorber And Shield
Generator 1. Anti-Condensation Space Heater Cooling 1. Flange Joints For Jw Inlet And Outlet
2. Reactive Pressure Drop 2. Electric Water Jacket Water And Aftercooler Coolant Pump
3. Generator Grid Criteria 3. Water Jacket Water And Scac Thermostat
4. Winding Temperature Detector 4. Cat Flange on SCAC Circuit
5. Busbar Connection
6. Three-Phase Induction And Kvar/Pf Control Unit
7. The Directly Connected Generator Can Achieve No Torque Transmission To The Base Frame

Note: All Above Data are Just for Reference, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Updates, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.

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Engine Sale Manual

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Installation Drawing

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Installation Manual

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Operation Manual

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Parts Catalogue

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Report & Certifcate

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