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The Cat C175-16 Diesel Generator Set Brings Reliable Power to Cities

Jun 6, 2022 | Global Companies in China | 0 comments

The Cat C175-16 diesel generator produces reliable power from 2500 ekW to 3100 ekW at 60 Hz. These generator sets are designed to meet your critical applications and power standards, have low fuel consumption, and many models reduce emissions by up to 90%. Customize your generator set with our comprehensive range of accessories and bolted system extension accessories, we guarantee the highest power quality products and therefore meet any of your power needs.

As a community of about 1,600 people — Johnson City, southwest Kansas — has been running backup power equipment inside for more than 50 years. Faced with a critical decision to update the equipment, Johnson City approached a local Cat dealer, Foley Equipment, to help them with the task.

Foley identified the exact needs of the city and developed a system that could support the city’s future development. The agency’s expert technical team prepared a customized solution for Johnson City. They installed two Cat C175-16 diesel generator sets that could provide municipalities with a steady revenue from power supply and the ability to start up quickly in an emergency.

The factory-certified Cat C175 complies with emissions regulations while providing excellent fuel economy. The system requires very little monitoring, so during a power outage, the generator set is automatically turned on and up and running before the municipal staff arrives. When employees struggle to familiarize themselves with the new technology, they are confident because they know that there is full support from Cat agents.

“Foley Cat provides a great service,” McMillan says, “and we have a great relationship with them, and when we have a problem, they are always ready to provide the solution we need.” (This article is from North China Lee Shing Hong Machinery)


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