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The Largest Copper Mine Fleet will be Updated with CAT®798 AC Trucks

Dec 16, 2022 | Industry Outlook | 0 comments

The updated fleet is currently one of the largest in the global mining industry, consisting of 160 delivery trucks. The first batch of new vehicles will arrive in the second half of 2023 and the rest will be delivered over the next 10 years. The maintenance and service support provided under the agreement will help advance BHP’s local employment and gender balance strategy. Finning’s “Integrated Knowledge Center” in Antofagasta will provide the fleet with top technical support in the industry. According to the agreement, escondida | BHP billiton by pushing the team related technology upgrade, self-independence of to speed up the implementation of the operational plan. In addition, the agreement also has established a technical route, through the deployment of zero emissions gradually trucks, help escondida | BHP billiton achieve the decarburization.


“This agreement is to further strengthen the escondida | BHP is an important step in the industry leading position. This will make us significantly more efficient at the operational level, while also enabling us to better address some of the major challenges facing the company’s growth: future innovation in the mining industry, decarbonization and local development in the Antofagasta region.” Escondida | BHP billiton chief executive James Whittaker said: “we are looking forward to the move would bring company and antofagasta region in the short term and long term benefits.”

“We are very pleased to enter into a long-term partnership with BHP Billiton to support the Escondida operation, improve the mine’s efficiency, productivity and safety, reduce its carbon footprint, accelerate its diverse and inclusive development process and contribute to the capacity development of the local Antofagasta community. “This is the largest fleet order in Fenning’s history and will significantly increase Caterpillar’s fleet of trucks, driving the mine’s transition to clean energy, supported by electric trucks and future zero-emission trucks.” Scott Thomson, president and chief executive officer of Fenning International.



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