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The First Cat®(Carter)336D Financing Service Makes Customers Happy

Dec 12, 2022 | Chinese Business Culture | 0 comments

Wen Zong (pseudonym), from Yunnan province, runs a well-known local construction and engineering company that specializes in phosphate mining and infrastructure projects. His financing relationship with Caterpillar and Cat began in 2010, when the project Mr. Wen was undertaking required the purchase of new equipment, and Cat® equipment won his favor due to its outstanding performance.

After more than 10 years of development, Wen’s company continues to grow bigger and stronger, and has purchased more than 10 medium-sized and large Cat® hydraulic excavator and large loader equipment through Cat financing. “Caterpillar is my trustworthy partner who has brought me solid benefits. The thoughtful financing services have relieved the financial pressure for me and helped my company’s business grow and grow!” Mr. Wen is very satisfied with his cooperation with Caterpillar and Cat Financing over the years.

As a loyal Caterpillar customer, Wen often praised Cat equipment for its durability and durability, and the company’s refurbishment service was a relief to him. Cat financing helps Wenzong realize the wish of equipment renovation and parts overhaul with less financial pressure. Through the introduction of Cat financing and agents, General Manager Wen was very interested in the equipment renovation financing service and relatively flexible repayment method launched by Cat financing. He immediately decided to use the Cat financing renovation equipment solution to replace a new “heart” and upgrade the “new power core” for the “veteran general” — Cat 336D, who has accompanied him for 12 years. After professional cleaning, disassembling, inspection, maintenance, replacement of original parts, assembly and other processes and strict testing, the equipment has been reborn. Based on the feedback of the general, after professional renovation of the old equipment performance is no less than the new products.

This equipment is also the first Cat 336D new power refresh “core” equipment provided by Cat financing and Cat agent Yi Chu Ming Tong. Efficient equipment, multiple life! Caterpillar and its agents help customers “regain their youth” with professional service ability, while Cat Financing escorts customers with professional customized financing solutions.


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