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60Hz Marine Generator Set

Caterpillar Shipping Power System (CMPS) Global is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. It is mainly responsible for the global sales and promotion of CAT brands and MAK brand ship products. CMPS has regional headquarters in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the Americas, which can provide customers with comprehensive services, from power solutions, product sales and debugging to spare parts supply, distribution, maintenance and repair. Caterpillar ship products include Caterpillar ship engine and generator sets, which have the characteristics of reliable, low operating costs, simple installation, easy maintenance and other characteristics. They meet the requirements of international environmental protection. Authentication of major carriers such as RINA.Caterpillar ship power products include ship engines (main promotion engines and auxiliary engines), ship generator sets and monitoring systems. The power range of the ship’s main promotion engine is 125 BHP to 7577 BHP, while the power range of the ship’s auxiliary engine is 217 BHP to 7268 BHP; the power range of the ship’s generator unit is 10-5200 EKW.

Advantages of Marine Generator Set

1. Caterpillar ship power monitoring system can provide ship power monitoring screen (MPD), color MPD, engine image display (EVD), ship power simulation display (MAPD), information display (MD) multiple monitoring system selection to meet customers different application scenarios.

2. The senior monitoring system of Caterpillar shipping crew mainly includes the CAT electronic module control panel and the ship -level agency recognized the generator set panel. Can provide comprehensive engine/generator monitoring, support MODBUS communication protocols and J1939 Can interfaces, can choose 7 languages.

3. MSCS is an electronic control system for engine and transmission. It is suitable for single/dual -engine ship types. This system can be equipped with up to 8 control stations and 8 spare control stations to facilitate users to switch and transfer in different control stations and ensure that they are in different control stations and ensure that they are in different control stations and ensure that they are switched and transferred to different control stations. The main system can be operated normally after failure.

C4.4-M 75 – 148 kW
C7.1-M 106- 163 kW
C18-M 315 – 525 kW

Generator Set


0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700
Emission Srandard:Euro ⅠEuro ⅡEuro ⅢEuro ⅣEuro ⅤEuro ⅥEuro Ⅶ

Find 60Hz Marine Generator set by Series

This is the list of all series of Caterpillar Marine Generator set.
Click here to find marine engines by type (Fuel System & Power Range).

C4.4M | 20-100 ekW

C7.1M | 100-200 ekW

C18M | 200-500 ekW

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