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Caterpillar G3512E Gas Generator Set

The Cat G3512E Gas Generator Set delivers 700 – 1200 kW of actual power at 1500 – 1800 RPM.Cat G3512E can be flexibly used with many gaseous fuel types. For thermal efficiency, high temperature cooling options are provided. Owning and operating costs are low and design is robust with electronic controls to optimize performance. It offers Wide range of bolt-on system expansion attachments whose flexible packaging has ben tested and cost effective installation provided. The Cat (r) SOS (sm) program can detect internal engine component condition due to the presence of combustion by-products and unwanted fluids. CAT SR4B GENERATOR has been designed in order to match performance and also the output provided by Caterpillar gas engines. Whether it is a thermal power connection (CHP) system with natural gas and the emergency power supply for factories, it can still supply renewable biogas energy for the local power grid, or the power generated by the coal mine gas Gas electro -electricity solution.

Dvantages of Caterpillar G3512E Gas GenSet

With recent improvements of inlet ducting, combustion chamber design and high efficiency spark plugs, the G3512E gas generator delivers up to 43.7 percent electrical efficiency and more recoverable heat while reducing carbon emissions.
The G3512E utilizes soot-free combustion with chamber plugs for extended maintenance intervals up to 4,000 hours. Newly optimized blow-by gas recirculation reduces turbocharger maintenance intervals and boosts efficiency.
When your facility requires operation isolated from the electric utility grid, an optimized G3512E turbocharging system is provided to ensure transient load response that will keep your operation running.

Caterpillar G3512E Gas Generator Set

This is the list of all series of Caterpillar G3512E Gas generator set.
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