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Caterpillar CG132B Gas Generator Set

The CAT CG132B natural gas generator set generates reliable power from 400 kW to 800 kW at 60 Hz, offering a durable design and reliable output. With a maximum continuous rating of 800 kW @1.0pf, the package is tailored to meet the needs of factories focused on global value chains. Reduce costs by increasing uptime and extending maintenance intervals. Cat CG132B natural gas generator set optimizes the turbocharger and cylinder, improves durability, and uses 50% less space than other similar systems. The full electronic management system of the generator set allows the use of a wide range of gases.

Dvantages of Caterpillar CG132B Gas GenSet

1. High efficiency
Save up to 15% annually on fuel costs and increase Higher your profitability. CG132 Gas Generator Borrow Optimized camshafts, combustion chambers and spark plugs Increased efficiency.
2. Lower operating cost
The engine components are optimized so that the lubricating oil of CG132 Consumption up to 50% lower than competitor gas-fired power units, saving your company even more money.
3. System control
Utilize the Cat Total Electronic Management System (Cat Total
Electronic Management System) control the whole A system that does more than just control the engine. Cylinder temperature Features such as temperature and pressure monitoring and antiknock control ensure ensure maximum power output, and maximize the Using fuel, even if the composition of the gas changes Affected

Caterpillar CG132B Gas Generator Set

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