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Caterpillar C7.1 Diesel Generator Set

Cat C7.1 Series diesel generator sets provide reliable power from 135.0 kVA to 220.0 kVA (50 Hz) and are designed to meet ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements. All C7.1 generator sets are available with a choice of emission levels. Suitable for harsh test environments, optimized fuel consumption reduced by 5%.

Extended runtime between refueling further reduces operating costs, and over 500 hours of reliability testing ensures you have emergency power when you need it.Steel base with single-wall integrated fuel tank to run the unit for 8 hours.Fixed linear isolator between base and engine generator. The coolant temperature of the end cooling system of the coolant and lubricating oil discharge line is too low. Stop when coolant level is low. Coolant heater.

Advantages of Caterpillar C7.1 Diesel GenSet

1. CAT generator set kit
Cat generator set kits are fully prototype tested to handle 100% block load in one step and meet NFPA 110 load and ISO 8528-5 steady state and transient response requirements
2. CAT diesel engine
Designed to be reliable, robust, and durable, field-proven thousands of times around the world. Four-stroke cycle diesel engine delivers consistent performance and excellent fuel economy while minimizing weight
3. M Frame Alternator
Superior motor starting capability minimizes the need for a large alternator, engineered with rugged Class H insulation to match the performance and output characteristics of Cat diesel engines

Caterpillar C7.1 Diesel Generator Set

This is the list of all series of Caterpillar C7.1 diesel generator set.
Click here to find 50Hz diesel generator set engines by type(Fuel System & Emission Standard).

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