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Caterpillar Provides Customers with 100% Hydrogen Fuel Generator Set Solutions

Jun 6, 2022 | Global Companies in China | 0 comments

Recently, Caterpillar Company announced that it will provide customers with customized 100% hydrogen fueled generator sets later this year, including fully renewable green hydrogen. In addition, Caterpillar will introduce commercial generator set solutions that can use natural gas mixed with up to 25% hydrogen.

Caterpillar will provide customers with 100% hydrogen fuel generator set solutions

These market-based technological innovations build on Caterpillar’s portfolio of hydrogen solutions, including Solar Turbine’s ® gas turbine generator sets. Sora Turbo ® has decades of experience in the field of high hydrogen fuel power generation and currently has a 100% pure hydrogen operation capacity. Hydrogen-capable products that help customers achieve their carbon reduction goals through their high-performance and cost-effective technologies.

Sora Turbine  actively innovates and explores in the field of high hydrogen fuels

“At Caterpillar, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs. Currently, customers are looking for reliable power energy that can support them in achieving their carbon reduction goals,” said Joe Creed, Group President of Caterpillar’s Energy & Transportation segment, “Our ongoing investment in new products, technologies and services is a way for us to provide our customers with quality solutions to help them achieve their goals.” ”

With reciprocating engines reaching 100% hydrogen combustion capacity, Caterpillar is now further expanding its capabilities in the gas engine sector as well as in Solar Turbine ® gas turbines with 35 years of experience in the field of high hydrogen fuels.

Given that hydrogen fuel will play an important role in customers’ future carbon reduction plans, Caterpillar will continue to invest to enhance its capabilities in hydrogen-powered solutions and further extend these capabilities across the engine platform.



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