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Caterpillar is Rolling Out Five New Garden Building Tools!

Nov 21, 2022 | Global Companies in China | 0 comments

To improve machine efficiency in nursery and landscape construction applications, Caterpillar has introduced new work packages for its line of Cat® Skid Steer Loaders (SSL), Compact Track Loaders (CTL) and Compact Wheel Loaders (CWL). These specialized workhorses are capable of a variety of tasks, including moving and digging out trees, brush and shrubs, pulling and delivering stumps and loading mulch.

The new Cat Nursery Fork, Tree Digging Bucket and 1 yd3 (0.76 m3) Mulch Bucket Tooling increases machine availability for Cat SSL, CTL and CWL models. The new Cat stump buckets and nursery grabs are specifically designed to work efficiently with Cat SSL and CTL machines. The durable construction of the full line of new tooling ensures reliability on the jobsite, and the tooling design incorporates deep serrated steps for safe operator access to the loader.

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Manual and hydraulic shovels

Cat nursery forks are available in manual and hydraulic designs and are ideal for handling trees with soil transplants as well as large potted plants. Both designs are equipped with hydraulic swivel forks that allow the left fork to swivel open to carry multiple root masses. Depending on the model, the right fork can be adjusted manually or hydraulically to allow the contractor to pick and place the desired trees and plants and to load and unload them quickly and efficiently.

The new high-capacity nursery fork has a usable fork length of 70.4-in (1788-mm) and can accommodate up to three 28-in (711-mm) root masses or one 54-in (1372-mm) root mass. The swivel fork design provides maximum opening to grab large root masses, while the side-shift fork provides superior control and adaptability to handle different sized root masses. 25-degree diamond tread forks provide a firm grip for maximum load capacity, matching the cutting angle of a wider range of transplanted plants with soil. Its integrated grip provides a secure point of contact for entering and exiting the machine.

Rotary nursery grab

Similar to the nursery fork, the new Cat Nursery Grapple is ideal for handling transplanted trees with soil as well as potted plants. The grapple is paddle-shaped and can wrap around root masses from 28 to 54 in (711 to 1372 mm) in size without damaging the root system or tree. The grapple’s rotating design allows for better control and placement, helping to maneuver the load in multiple positions, reducing the need to manually lift heavy plants and place them in the nursery or load them for transport. The tool is capable of swinging 90 degrees to the left and right, and can be tilted down to nearly 90 degrees at any point of rotation, making it easy to lay material for loading.

Cover bucket

The new 1.0 yd3 (0.76 m3) mulch bucket loads mulch into pickup trucks and tight spaces. With a narrow design and a width of 56-in (1421-mm), the mulch bucket easily loads material into most pickup truck compartments without fear of contact or damage. Its compact profile provides the necessary clearance for loading trucks, preventing material spillage and minimizing waste. The bucket’s 1-yd measurements are laser-engraved on the side of the bucket, so customers can rest assured that the bucket is fully loaded. The design’s adjustable machine interface provides proper ground contact with varying hinge pin heights, allowing for efficient use on the full Cat SSL, CTL and CWL line of machines.

Easy handling of stumps

The Stump Bucket for Cat SSL and CTL models is designed for land clearing and eradication of exotic trees, stumps and large shrub applications for digging out and moving stumps. The long, narrow base plate facilitates digging around and under tree and large shrub root masses. Its serrated side plates make it easy to saw through hard-to-remove roots, and the teeth are replaceable, ensuring a long service life, with BHL-type teeth that can be replaced with fork or cone tines. The heavy-duty steel construction withstands twisting and prying in harsh operations, resulting in long service life and reliability.

Dig tree

The Cat Tree Shovel provides efficient handling of shrubs and small trees in nursery and landscape construction applications. The tree shovel can dig up to 36-in (901-mm) diameter trees and easily transport or transplant trees and other materials. The shovel’s contoured shape allows for easy digging into the ground, and the flat tip cuts through roots for easy tree clearance. Welded corner plates and thick plates form a rugged design for increased durability.


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