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Cat3516E 6T Provides Powerful Power for Xianli Escort Tugs

Oct 18, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Recently, Xinchang Machinery successfully obtained the Xianli Escort Tug project, providing 18 3516E 6T engines and 18 C4.4 main generator sets for the nine 28-meter escort tugs of the project.


The project uses the world’s first Cat® (Carter) 3516E 6TURBO (2350kW@1800 RPM) Marine engine. At the end of May, Xinchang machine technical team settled in Xianli Shipyard to assist in equipment commissioning. At present, the first tug has completed commissioning and smooth trial delivery.


28 m escort tug


The 28m escort tug was built by Cenli for Svitzer, the world’s largest tug company owned by the Maersk Group, and finally entered service in Australia. RAstar 2800-CL escort tug, 28.4 meters long, 13 meters wide, designed towing force of 80 tons, speed 12 knots.


The vessel is equipped with two Cat® (Carter) 3516E 6TURBO (2350kW@1800 RPM) engines, which meet IMO Tier II requirements. The latest Caterpillar 3516E 6T engine is characterized by strong power, short acceleration time, energy saving and environmental protection.


The highlight of this power scheme design is that the engine can be freely switched under different workloads. For example, when leaving port or conventional operation, the load is relatively small, the torque of the 3516E 6T engine is large enough at low speed, matching Schottel SY drive, and the main engine can drive the double propeller single-machine at low speed, saving fuel consumption. When the tug works and the tug boat, the load is increased, and the double machine and double paddle can be driven at the same time, and the power is strong.


Professional technical team support


Several engineers from Caterpillar’s professional technical team went to Zhuhai Xianli Shipyard to provide excellent technical support for the installation and commissioning of the world’s first Cat®3516E 6TURBO engine, thus improving the quality and speed of project delivery.


In the small and hot cabin environment, the technical teams of Caterpillar and Shun Chang Machines worked together to overcome the challenges posed by various environmental factors and perform precision commissioning of the machines.



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