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CAT G3520J Gas Engine, Come and Report!

Oct 24, 2022 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

Reliable and durable, stable!

G3520J, a 20-cylinder 4-stroke V-type gas engine, is designed based on the G3500 platform with more than 30 years of successful application history, and is known for its reliability and durability.

The new J series adopts a double-layer water-cooled exhaust manifold, which effectively reduces the surface temperature of the engine on the basis of ensuring power and emissions, and can be used in occasions that require higher safety levels.

Strong power, burn!

In order to match different compressor products, G3520J has two rated powers, 1253 bKW @1200 rpm and 1417 bKW @1400 rpm, which are mainly used in the field of natural gas compression.
The J system has improved the power of the G3520J by 13% on the basis of the B series through hardware improvements such as a turbocharger, a two-stage intercooler and a water-cooled cylinder head.

With such a high power, it must have high requirements for gas, right? No, no, G3520J also has high gas adaptability and can use wellhead gas, associated gas, etc. In addition, G3520J can also be customized and upgraded to a hydrogen sulfide resistant engine, allowing the hydrogen sulfide component in the fuel gas to be as high as 1000ppm.

Black technology for energy saving and emission reduction, strong!

G3520J adopts Ultra Lean Burn Technology (ULB), combined with advanced ADEM™ A3 electronic control system, to control air-fuel ratio and ignition timing more precisely, fuel gas can be burned more fully, not only can save fuel gas , and also achieve excellent emission performance.
In addition, because more air enters into ultra-lean combustion, the temperature of the combustion chamber is much lower than that of other types of engines, which prolongs the service life of components and the replacement cycle of lubricating oil, which not only saves money and labor for maintenance, but also can Reduce environmental waste and achieve a win-win situation.
With such a precise control, the equipment must be frequently maintained, right? G3520J is equipped with a remote communication module. Users can easily view various operating parameters of the engine through the browser. The system also provides data analysis and data abnormality alarms, reminding users to perform timely operation and maintenance operations, reducing losses caused by downtime and improving operating efficiency.


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