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Cat CG170 Series Gas Generator Set – The First Choice for Food Waste Biogas Power Generation

Jun 5, 2022 | Standard Products | 0 comments

The kitchen waste treatment project ushered in a development opportunity

With the promotion of garbage classification throughout the country, dry and wet garbage can be classified, and the kitchen waste disposal rate has been greatly improved, providing a development opportunity for the kitchen waste treatment project.

Kitchen waste is characterized by high water content, high organic content, and high oil content. If the dry and wet garbage is mixed together and landfilled, due to the characteristics of the “three highs” of kitchen waste, it is easy to produce leachate, resulting in groundwater and soil pollution. If incineration is carried out, then the kitchen waste with high water content will lead to problems such as low calorific value of incineration and incomplete incineration.

More of the existing projects for the treatment of kitchen waste use anaerobic fermentation technology, which can turn waste into treasure and generate green energy during the treatment process.

On the one hand, the process shortens the time that kitchen waste is exposed and reduces pollution to soil, air and water sources; On the other hand, anaerobic biogas can be used for resource utilization; The sewage generated by the organic treatment of kitchen waste eventually becomes reclaimed water and realizes secondary utilization.

According to statistics, 1 ton of kitchen waste can produce about 120 cubic meters of biogas (about 55% methane concentration), and about 280 degrees of electricity can be generated through Cat gas generator sets.

For food waste biogas power generation applications, cat CG170 series is preferred

For the application of the food waste industry, Caterpillar mainly promotes the CG170 series of generator sets, which have the following advantages:

Optimal power range

The CG170 series covers 12-cylinder, 16-cylinder, 20-cylinder and new B-series units with a power range of 1000~2300kW.

Operating cost advantages

We know that in order to ensure good economic efficiency, the generator sets of the kitchen waste power plant are operated 24/7, and the consumption of engine oil constitutes a large part of the operating costs. The Cat CG170-20 engine consumes 0.15 grams of oil per kWh, which saves more than one-third (or even one-half) of oil compared to the same brand of units, significantly reducing operating costs.

Ultra-high stability

Cat CG170 series gas generator set annual in-line rate of more than 8,000 hours, the unit overhaul cycle of 64,000 hours, V-shaped cylinders, smooth operation, especially suitable for power transmission to the grid.

The engine is equipped with a high-torque starter motor with a power of up to 18 kW. Computer-controlled cylinder liner water and intercooler system thermostat, the coolant temperature is accurate and stable. The cooling fan adopts frequency conversion speed regulation control.

The lubrication system has pre-lubrication and post-lubrication functions to protect the key components of the engine throughout the process. The ratio of air to fuel (air-fuel ratio control) is controlled directly according to the average combustion temperature in the cylinder, which is both simple and efficient. The air-fuel ratio is controlled in the thin combustion area (referring to the thin fuel and oxygen surplus), which is green and environmentally friendly

Comprehensive performance advantages

The power generation efficiency of CG170 series gas generator sets can reach 43.6%, and in the kitchen waste power plant, we can also produce steam or hot water through high temperature waste and waste heat recovery of cylinder liner water, which will raise the utilization rate of fuel calorific value to a higher level. (Or write: Raise the overall fuel utilization rate to a higher level.) )

The CG170 series has optional accessories for recovering waste heat from exhaust systems, and the control system includes waste heat recovery control functions as standard. After waste heat recovery, the overall efficiency of the unit can reach 87%.

Caterpillar Powertrain delivers superior durability, reliability and value. As caterpillar’s only authorized agent in six provinces of South China, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Macao in China, Xinchang Machinery can provide customers with 125kWe-10320kWe gas generator sets through excellent power systems to fully meet the various needs of customers.

Xinchang Machine Engineering Co., Ltd

Sino Chang Machine Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentami Group (one of the largest listed group companies in Malaysia) and the sole authorized general agent of Caterpillar in six provinces of South China, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Macau. The six provinces of South China include Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Jiangxi and Hainan.

Founded in 1928, Xinchang Machine became Caterpillar’s first agent in China in 1962 and has been acting as an agent for Caterpillar products for 59 years as of 2021. With more than 2,000 employees and 77 service outlets in various provinces and cities, it is a senior enterprise with a history of nearly 100 years.

Caterpillar generator set

Caterpillar, as a construction machinery manufacturer, began to design and produce generator sets in 1931 and has nearly 90 years of experience in the production of generator sets. Caterpillar generator sets are known for their reliability, durability, stability and economy, delivering consistent performance even in harsh and harsh operating environments.


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