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Caterpillar 3406C Diesel Generator Set

CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Sets is a V-4-Cylinders 14.64 Liter (893.39 in) Displacement Engine with 137.2 mm (5.4 in.) Bore and 165.1 mm (6.5 in.) Stroke.

Equipped with Dual Caterpillar® A3 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) LH with Electronic Unit Injector Fuel System Rigid Wiring Harness and ADEM™ A5 Governor.The Prime Power for 50 Hz Generator Set (1500 RPM) of CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Sets is 275 kVA (220 kW) and a Standby Power of 400.0 kVA (320 kW).

CAT 3406C Diesel Genset Powered by CAT Diesel Engine with EMCP 4 Control Panel, Diesel Genset with Turbochargered & Intercooled.

CAT Diesel Generator Sets Meet Tier III/Tier IV Emission Standards. As Part of EMAC, CAT Diesel Generator Sets Also Provide 50 Hz and 60 Hz Diesel Generator Sets. Engine Brands Include Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, MTU, WeiChai and CAT.

Our Diesel Generator Set Series Includes High Power Medium and High Voltage Generator Sets and High Power Low Voltage Generator Sets. The Engine Provides Electronically Controlled and Mechanical Fuel Injection Systems for Customers to Choose. In Addition to Generating Diesel Generator Sets, We Can Also Supply Marine Diesel, Oil, Gas, Marine Generator Sets.

We Provide Full Life Cycle Services for All Customers, From Design to Power System Supply, From Installation to Commissioning, From After-Sales Service Training to Spare Parts Supply, From Troubleshooting to Overhaul Technical Support.

Advantages of Caterpillar 3406C Diesel GenSet

  • Lower fuel consumption: Originated from the United States CMS advanced design and superior manufacture, lower 20% oil consumption than congeneric Chinese products.

  • Strong power, the design of exhaust bypass valve makes low speed performance more perfect and better dynamic performance.

  • Excellent reliability, Cylinder block and head using integrated design, to stop the engine leaking and oil leakage phenomenon, engine parts are Less 40% than other similar engine, greatly reduce the failure rate.

  • Lower maintenance and repair costs, Fewer parts quantity and lower use fault Make the engine comprehensive maintenance cost greatly reduced and maintenance time than similar type save 50%.

  • Excellent cold start performance, equipped with air suction electric preheater and 6.6 kw power starter, Completely improve the cold start performance of the engine. Through the arctic village-MoHe of China-36。C extreme low temperature validation.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of Cat 3406C Diesel Generator Sets

Genset Model: 3406C
Prime Power: 275 kVA
Genset Frequency: 50 Hz
Engine Model: 3406C
Rated Power: 1500 r/min @ 275 kW
Alternator Brand: N/A
Alternator Model: N/A
Genset Dimension: N/A
Wet Weight: N/A
Lead Time: 15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C

Engine Model




Fuel System

3406C 165.1 mm / 6.5 in 137.2 mm / 5.4 in Turbocharged & Water-Air Intercooler P&L

General Information of CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Set

Engine Model 3406C Displacement 14.64 L / 893.39 in
Bore 137.2 mm / 5.4 in Stroke 165.1 mm / 6.5 in
Compress Ratio 14.5:1 Fuel System P&L
Aspiration TA Governor Type Hydra-Mechanical
Minimum Rating 275 ekW / 275 kVA Frequency 220 To 480 Volts
Maximum Rating 400 ekW / 400 kVA Speed 1500 Or 1800 RPM
Voltage 220 To 480 Volts Emissions / Fuel Strategy Low Fuel Consumption
Rating Type Standby

AlternaTor Information of CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Set

MoTor Starting Capability @ 30% Voltage Dip 745 skVA Excitation SE
Current 577 amps Temperature Rise 150 °C
Frame Size LC6114B

Package Performance of CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Set

Metric English
Performance Gen Set Power Rating With Fan @ 0.8 Power FacTor 320 ekW 320 ekW
Genset Power Rating 400 kVA 400 kVA
Aftercooler (Separate Circuit) 78.0 °C 172.4 °F
Fuel Consumption 100% Load With Fan 86.1 L/hr 22.8 gal/hr
75% Load With Fan 64.3 L/hr 17.0 gal/hr
50% Load With Fan 44.4 L/hr 11.7 gal/hr
25% Load With Fan 25.9 L/hr 6.8 gal/hr
Cooling System1 Engine Coolant Capacity 34.1 L 9.0 gal
Inlet Air Combustion Air Inlet Flow Rate 23.4 m³/min 826.3 cfm
Max. Allowable Combustion Air Inlet Temp 88 °C 190 °F
Exhaust System Exhaust Stack Gas Temperature 583.8 °C 1082.8 °F
Exhaust Gas Flow Rate — m³/min 70.4 m³/min 2486.0 cfm
Exhaust System Backpressure (Maximum Allowable) 6.7 kPa 27.0 in. water
Heat Rejection Heat Rejection To Jacket Water 197 kW 11204 Btu/min
Heat Rejection To Exhaust (Total) 303 kW 17232 Btu/min
Heat Rejection To Aftercooler 31 kW 1746 Btu/min
Heat Rejection To Atmosphere From Engine 73 kW 4163 Btu/min
Heat Rejection From Alternator From Generator 24 kW 1348 Btu/min
Emissions* (Nominal) NOX 3042.8 mg/Nm³ 6.4 g/hp-hr
CO 1265.3 mg/Nm³ 2.6 g/hp-hr
HC 11.6 mg/Nm³ 0.0 g/hp-hr
PM 63.3 mg/Nm³ 0.1 g/hp-hr

Ratings Definitions of CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Set

Standby 1. Output Available With Varying Load For The Duration Of The Interruption Of The Normal Source Power. Average Power Outputis 70% Of The Standby Power Rating Typical Operation Is 200 Hours Per Year, With Maximum Expected Usage Of 500 Hours Per Year Prime 1. Output Available With Varying Load For An Unlimited Time. Average Power Output Is 70% Of The Prime Power Rating. Typical Peak Demand Is 100% Of Prime Rated Ekw With 10% Overload Capability For Emergency Use For A Maximum Of 1 Hour In 12. Overload Operation Cannot Exceed 25 Hours Per Year
Fuel Rates 1. Fuel Rates Are Based On Fuel Oil Of 35º Api [16°C (60ºf)] Gravity Having An Lhv Of 42,780 Kj/Kg (18,390 Btu/Lb) When Used At 29ºc (85ºf) And Weighing 838.9 G/Liter (7.001 Lbs/U.S. Gal.) Applicable Codes and Standards 1. As 1359, Csa C22.2 No. 100-04, Ul 142, Ul 489,Ul 869, Ul 2200, Nfpa 37, Nfpa 70, Nfpa 99, Nfpa 110, Ibc, Iec 60034-1, Iso 3046, Iso 8528, Nema Mg1-22, Nema Mg1-33, 2014/35/Eu, 2006/42/Ec, 2014/30/Eu
Data Center Applications 1. Lso 8528-1 Data Center Power (Dcp) Compliant Per Dcp Application Of Cat Diesel Generator Set Prime Power Rating
2. All Ratings Tier Iii/Tier Iv Compliant Per Uptime Institute Requirements
3. All Ratings Ansi/Tia-942 Compliant For Rated-1 Through Rated-4 Data Centers

Optional Equipment of CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Set

Engine Air Cleaner Power Termination Type Alternator Output Voltage
1. Single Element 1. Bus Bar 1. 380 V
2. Dual Element 2. Circuit Breaker 2. 400 V
3. Heavy Duty 3. 1250 A 3. 415 V
Muffler 4. 1600 A Temperature Rise(Over 40°C Ambient)
1. Industrial Grade (10 Db) 5. 2500 A 1. 125 °C
Starting 6. 3-Pole 2. 105 °C
1. Standard Batteries 7. Iec 3. 3.08 °C
2. Oversized Batteries 8. Manually Operated Winding Type
3.  Heavy Duty Electric Starter(S) 9. Electrically Operated 1. Random Wound
4. Dual Electric Starter(S) Trip Unit Excitation
5. Jacket Water Heater 1. Lsi 1. Self Excited
6. N/A 2. N/A 2. Permanent Magnet (Pm)
Control System Controller Extended Service Options Terms Ancillary Equipment 1. Automatic Transfer Switch
1. Emcp 4.2B 1. 2 Year (Prime) 2. Uninterruptible Power Supply
2. Emcp 4.3  2. 3 Year 3. Paralleling Switchgear
3. Emcp 4.4 3.  5 Year 4. Paralleling Controls
Attachments  4. 10 Year Connectivity
1. Local Annunciator Module Coverage 1. Ethernet
2. Remote Annunciator Module 1. Silver 2. Cellular
3. Expansion I/O Module 2. Gold 3. Satellite
4. Remote Monitoring Software 3.  Platinum 4. N/A
5. N/A 4. Platinum Plus 5. N/A
Fuel Tank 1. 317 Gal (1200 L) Charging  1. Battery Charger – 5A Certifications 1. Eurasian Conformity (EAC)

Standard Features of CAT 3406C Diesel Generator Set

Generator Set Package 1. Designed And Optimized For Low Fuel Consumption Alternators 1. Superior Motor Starting Capability Minimizes Need For Oversizing Generator
2. Reliable Performance Proven In Thousands Of Applications Worldwide 2. Designed To Match Performance And Output Characteristics Of Cat Diesel Engines
Generator Set Package 1. Accepts 100% Block Load In One Step And Meets Nfpa 110 Loading Requirements EMCP 4 Control Panels 1. User-Friendly Interface And Navigation
2. Conforms To Iso 8528-5 G3 Load Acceptance Requirements 2. Scalable System To Meet A Wide Range Of Installation Requirements
3. Reliability Verified Through Torsional Vibration, Fuel Consumption, Oil Consumption, Transient,Performance, And Endurance Testing 3. Expansion Modules And Site Specific Programming For Specific Customer Requirements
Cooling System 1. Cooling Systems Available To Operate In Ambient Temperatures Up To 50°C (122°F) Worldwide Product Support 1. Cat Dealers Have Over 1,800 Dealer Branch Stores Operating In 200 Countries
2. Tested To Ensure Proper Generator Set Cooling 2. Your Local Cat Dealer Provides Extensivepost-Sale Support, Including Maintenance And Repair Agreements
Warranty 1. 24 Months/1000-Hour Warranty For Standby And Mission Critical Ratings Financing 1. Caterpillar Offers An Array Of Financial Products To Help You Succeed Through Financial Service excel7935731lence
2. 12 Months/Unlimited Hour Warranty For Prime And Continuous Ratings 2. Options Include Loans, Finance Lease,Operating Lease, Working Capital, And Revolving Line Of Credit
3. Extended Service Protection Is Available To Provide Extended Coverage Options 3. Contact Your Local Cat Dealer For Availability In Your Region

Note: All Above Data are Just for Referenece, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Update, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.

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Engine Sale Manual

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Installation Drawing

The picture of Installation Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Installation Manual

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Operation Manual

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Parts Catalogue

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Report & Certifcate

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