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Caterpillar C4.4-118 Marine Generator Set

CAT C4.4-118 Marine Generator Sets is a 4 Cylinders 4.4 Liter (268.5 in) Displacement Engine with 105.0 mm (4.1 in.) Bore and 127.0 mm (5.0 in.) Stroke.

Equipped with Dual Caterpillar® A3 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) LH with Common Rail Fuel System Rigid Wiring Harness and ADEM™ A5 Governor.The Prime Power for 60 Hz Generator Set (1800 RPM) of CAT C4.4-118 Marine Generator Sets is 148 kVA (118.0 ekW).

CAT C4.4-118 Marine Genset Powered by CAT Diesel Engine with EMCP 4 Control Panel, Diesel Genset with Turbocharged – Aftercooled Intercooler.

CAT Diesel Generator Sets Meet Tier III / Tier IV Emission Standards. 

Our Diesel Generator Set Series Includes High Power Medium and High Voltage Generator Sets and High Power Low Voltage Generator Sets. The Engine Provides Electronically Controlled and Mechanical Fuel Injection Systems for Customers to Choose. In Addition to Generating Diesel Generator Sets, We Can Also Supply Marine Diesel, Oil, Gas, Marine Generator Sets.

We Provide Full Life Cycle Services for All Customers, From Design to Power System Supply, From Installation to Commissioning, From After-Sales Service Training to Spare Parts Supply, From Troubleshooting to Overhaul Technical Support.

Advantages of Caterpillar C4.4-118 Marine GenSet

  • Adapts to harsh working conditions, and has high-intensity and heavy-duty work capabilities.

  • The Holset wastegate valve makes the low speed performance more perfect and the power performance better.

  • The cylinder block and cylinder head adopt integrated design to prevent the occurrence of engine water and oil leakage. The parts are 40 % less than other similar engines, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

  • Using forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder design, many parts are cast on the cylinder, with high rigidity, high pressure resistance, good reliability and longer service life.

  • The cylinder liner adopts a platform mesh honing design, which effectively prevents oil leakage with a perfect geometric structure, and adopts advanced technology such as new piston ring components and gasket crimping molding to reduce oil loss.

  • Holset supercharger with integrated wastegate valve, low speed response and strong power.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of CAT C4.4-118 Marine Generator Set

Engine Model: C4.4-118
Engine Type: In-line 4 cylinder, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Diesel
Displacement: 4.4 L
Rated Speed: 1800 RPM
Aspiration Method: Turbocharged – Aftercooled
Emission Standard: EPA Tier 3 / CCNR Stage 2
Bore * Stroke:  105 mm * 127 mm
Packing Size(L * W * H): 1699 – 1769 mm * 956 mm * 1245 mm
Wet Weight: 1142 – 1290 kg
Lead Time: 15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C

Engine Model

Rated Speed


Fuel system type

C4.4-60  60 ekW @ 1800 RPM Turbocharged-Aftercooled Common Rail
C4.4-75 75 ekW @ 1800 RPM Turbocharged-Aftercooled Common Rail
C4.4-99  99 ekW @ 1800 RPM Turbocharged-Aftercooled Common Rail
C4.4-118 118 ekW @ 1800 RPM Turbocharged-Aftercooled Common Rail

General Specification of CAT C4.4-118 Marine Generator Set

Basic Engine Specifications I-4, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Diesel displacement 4.4 liter
Rated Engine Speed 1800 RPM Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Lube oil system 11 L (2.8 gal) Length 1699 – 1769 mm (66.9-69.6 in)
Cooling system 21 L (5.4 U.S. gal) — hex cooled Width 956 mm (37.6 in)
Oil change period 500 h Height 1245 mm (49.0 in)
Flywheel Housing SAE No. 03 Weight Net dry (Approx.) 1142 – 1290 kg (2518 – 2844 lb)
Flywheel 126 Teeth bore * stroke 105 mm * 127 mm(4.13 in * 5.0 in)
Control mode Electronically governed Cooling way Electronically governed
Power 118 ekW (148 kVA) frequency 60 Hz
Emission standards EPA Tier 3 / CCNR Stage 2 Counterclockwise rotation from flywheel end N/A

Performance of CAT C4.4-118 Marine Generator Set

 Load EM5156ekW g/bkW-hr EM5155ekW g/bkW-hr EM5154ekW g/bkW-hr EM5153ekW g/bkW-hr
100 118 205 99 220 75 231 60 242
75 89 218 74 231 56 248 45 253
50 56 237 50 247 38 265 30 267
25 30 271 25 271 19 299 15 317

Marine Generator of CAT C4.4-118 Generator Set

CATERPILLAR GENERATO Class H Air Flow 60 Hz 0.32 m3 / s (678 cfm)
Temperature Rise- 40°C Ambient (110%) Class H (150°K) Excitation System AREP
Temperature Rise- 50°C Ambient (110%) Class H (140°K) Voltage Regulation (steady state ±0.5 %
Temperature Rise 2/3 Total Harmonic Content LL/LN <4 %
Terminals 12-lead reconnectable Wave Form: NEMA=TIF <50
Ingress Protection Rating IP 23 Wave Form: I.E.C.=THF <2 %
Standard Voltages 690 V

Optional of CAT C4.4-118 Marine Generator Set

Control System Governor Droop Kit (Selecting This Kit Enables Paralleling With Appropriate Customer-Supplied Switchgear) Fuel System Double Wall Fuel Lines With Enclosed Common Rail And Mounted Alarm Reservoir, Duplex Fuel Filters
Generators & Generator Attachments Space Heater Kit, Installed — 120V Ac, 240V Ac Lube System Duplex Oil Filters
Generators & Generator Attachments Space Heater Kit, Installed — 120V Ac, 240V Ac Marine Classification Society (MCS) Approval – Pending ABS, BV, DNV, LR, GL, RINA, CCS, NK
Starting System Additional 12V Or 24V Electric Starter, Air Starter, Jacket Water Heater Options, Charging Alternator General Pgs Test Report, Extra Literature, Storage Preservation, Export Packing: Single Engine Shipment To U.S., 20-Foot Container Engine Shipments, 40 Foot Container Engine Shipments, Seawater Pressure Sensor, Exhaust Elbow And Bellows, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Standard Engine Equipment of CAT C4.4-118 Marine Generator Set

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Engine Mounted Air Cleaner And Expansion Tank Gear-Driven Jacket-Water And Auxiliary Water Pumps Watercooled Exhaust Manifold And Turbocharger
Integral Plate-Type Oil Cooler 12V Or 24V Starter Motor Isolated Sump Integrated Base Frame
Emcp4.2 Control Panel With Remote Monitoring Capability Glowplugs Aid Starting In Cold Weather 3-Phase Arep Generators With 300% Short Circuit Capability Anti-Vibration Engine Mounts
Safety shutdowns for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and overspeed Common Rail Fuel System, Primary And Secondary Fuel Filters

Note: All Above Data are Just for Reference, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Updates, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.

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